Headquartered in the Boston area, American Biltrite Inc. was founded in 1908 in Trenton, NJ by Miah Marcus and Frank Bernstein. After over a century of continued expansion it is still led by members of the Marcus family. The company's original focus was on rubber soles and heels for the footwear industry. A 1913 expansion into Canada, a move to capture the footwear market there, resulted in what is now American Biltrite located in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

While footwear components are still in the catalog, since the 1920s the company has evolved and diversified to become a major player in industrial rubber and commercial flooring. As the parent corporation expanded, the Sherbrooke facility won industry recognition as a leader in developing high-performance products to customer specifications, consistently exceeding quality standards.

American Biltrite has a 380 000 square foot facility with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, including its own R&D department and facilities for environmental testing. With an extensive distribution network and a sales force covering every region of North America, it is now aiming for the rest of the American continent.