Skirtboard / Conveyor Containment
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Skirtboard / Conveyor Containment

Conveyor containment is essential to ensure efficiency and reduce overflow at the loading point. We offer multiple rubber skirting products to answer these needs and make sure you get the best containment!

For basic industrial grade skirtboard please find our IM 166. This formula has been a staple in the market for years.

For additional tensile strength please take a look at our IM 165.

For Premium Grade conveyor containment at it's best, discover our Skirt-Shield. Skirt-Shield is our heavyweight contender for abrasion and tear resistance; it is DuraShield in slit widths, perfect for any conveyor. Skirt-Shield is soft natural rubber that remains supple to increase belt life. Skirt-Shield outlasts other premium conveyor containment products to reduce expensive downtime to keep your belts moving.

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