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Bearing Pads

Our ATLAS BEARING PADS™ are made of Natural or Neoprene that meet the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) standard specifications for highway bridge bearing pads.  Our ATLAS BEARING PADS™ are NTPEP (National Transportation Product Evaluation Program) audited and compliant for elastomeric bearing pads (EBB).

They should be considered for:

  • Pre-cast concrete and pre-stressed concrete
  • Buildings with structural steel beams / Steel reinforced concrete
  • Industrial Machinery / Heavy Equipment Foundations
  • Railway tie pads
  • Shock and vibration isolation
  • Pads between girders and columns
  • Pads between substructures
  • New construction AND rehabilitation of existing structures
  • Buildings, arenas, tunnels, infrastructure

All of our AASHTO products have the following information printed on the product for traceability: American Biltrite – product # – Lot #


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