Abrasion Resistant / Wear Rubber
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Abrasion Resistant / Wear Rubber

Abrasion and wear resistant rubber is a must for the mining, cement, forestry, and aggregate markets or anywhere repeated impacts can damage rubber quickly. For tear and abrasion resistance applications, our heavyweight contender is the DURASHIELD Natural Rubber line.

Formulated to extend the life of vital heavy-duty equipment, DuraShield is the ultimate choice for wear, tear, noise, vibration, impact, corrosion, and abrasion resistance; DuraShield is the result of years of research and development and literally hundreds of test compounds. The result is an innovative formula that is the pinnacle of our product offering

Red DURASHIELD delivers optimum performance in applications where tear resistance is required. Sweeping the competition with tear values that are off the chart, this unique compound has no match in the market.

Orange DURASHIELD A + covers all bases with competition cruising abrasion resistance and heavyweight tensile strength. It will take a beating and give opponents a pounding.


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