Why Rubber Lining?

Tuesday, August 6 - 2019

When it comes to choosing equipment linings, there are many different factors to consider. Although the ultimate goal is to protect equipment, not all linings offer the same results. To help you in your decision process, here are seven reasons why you should consider rubber linings:

1. Extends the life of your equipment.

Replacement costs of equipment versus maintenance of existing assets using protective rubber linings is basic math. Rubber linings reduce significant capital investments and decrease the risks of unexpected downtime.

2. Protects equipment.

Rubber linings defend against corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, acids, alkalis, slurries, and aggregates.

3. Less expensive than ceramic.

Rubber is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on results.

4.Superior wear resistance.

Rubber is a wise choice that offers longer life.

5. Reduces noise and vibration.

6. Predictable wear cycle.

Rubber linings allow you to plan your maintenance ahead of time.

7. Easily repaired or patched.

It is not necessary to re-line the entire asset.

Convinced? I’m sure you are! But wait a minute, not all rubber linings are the same. Make sure to choose GUARD-RITETM rubber linings for the best performance.

GUARD-RITETM is American Biltrite’s special line of products developed to meet the critical challenges of the rubber lining market. American Biltrite’s engineered lining solutions are offered in several polymers to cover an array of mining applications:

Natural Rubber Products:


  • High tensile strength
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High resistance to cut & tear
  • Excellent adhesion to itself and other substrates
  • Insulative properties
  • Impact and noise reduction

Synthetic Rubber Products:


  • Superior resistance to heat  and aging
  • Wide range of service temperatures
  • Chemical resistance (Butyl)
  • Resistance to heat, ozone, and UV (EPDM)
  • Oil resistance (Nitrile)
  • Flame resistance (Neoprene)

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