Happy Retirement to Ginette!

Tuesday, June 1 - 2021

American Biltrite Wishes A Happy Retirement To Ginette Meade After More Than 40 Years Of Outstanding Service!


When you think of American Biltrite's customer service, Ginette’s name likely comes to mind. Ginette started her career with American Biltrite in 1980; she has been with us for more than four decades. Many changes have happened over her epic career; however, one thing has always stayed the same; Ginette’s unwavering commitment to our customers. Her profound product knowledge has been a constant resource. Her mastery of our systems has always been a great support for our entire team. Ginette knows everyone in the plant, and she knew whom to call to make things happen. She also had a very keen interest in production, she wanted to understand how the process worked, and she informed herself by asking questions. By learning from her colleagues in other departments, and by offering her help to any of us who needed her, Ginette forged alliances that I am sure will last a lifetime.

Perhaps the attribute we will miss the most, is her calm nature. Ginette reminded me of a swan, perfectly calm and beautifully serene on the surface - even if she was paddling like crazy underneath! There was a certain comfort and peace to the department when she was there, and I am constantly reminded of how truly lucky we have been.

For those of you who have chatted with Ginette on the phone, you know that her positivity was contagious. Her smile seemed to come through in every task, from simply checking stock to providing an order status. Ginette spent her entire career at the top of her game. She retired with a great affinity for her customers, who over the years had become her friends.

Ginette’s contribution to American Biltrite's Industrial Rubber Division is legendary. We will be forever talking about how Ginette kept her cool and smiled her way through over forty years of work that had become so much more than a job to her. How fortunate we have been to count her as part of our team. She will be missed very much . Her legacy for always going the extra mile for customers will remain with us. We will not let you down Ginette; your customers will receive the attention and care they deserve. You set the bar high and it is our job to keep ourselves at your level. “WWGD” is going to be a motto for many of us: What would Ginette do? You can be sure it will lead us down the path to satisfied customers for many years to come.


Thank you Ginette, colleague, friend, industrial rubber customer service pioneer

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