American Biltrite is proud to present our revamped mudflap product line.

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Selection Process for Mudflaps

1)     Based on the size of the flap that you need, select the style (single bar, double bar, triple bar and full design).

2)     Select your grade (thickness / formulation of the flap: Heavy Duty, Standard Duty or Value-Guard).

3)     Choose the available optional features such as Rain-Master or Anti-Sail

4)     Consider having your flap made in a specific color and customizing it by adding your logo for better brand recognition. Color options for Heavy Duty and Standard Duty flaps are listed in the product brochure. Click here to view Value-Guard color options. 

  Mudflap Grades // Optional Features - Rain-Master or Anti-Sail

Mudflap Styles & Designs

Single Bar Styles


With only one single bar of reinforced mounting holes, this mudflap is convenient as it is offered in many grades and sizes with optional features available. It is ideal for those who need specific sizes and want to limit their economic footprint by using a flap in the precise size that they need. Raised rubber letters and logos (optional) give a three dimensional appearance for a first quality image that lasts. Our single bar is offered in four different designs.

Double Bar Style

The Double Bar mudflap provides a cost savings factor because only one size of mudflap needs to be stocked for two different size applications. You can choose to convert the size 24" x 30" to a size 24" x 24" and the 24" x 36" to a size 24" x 30", thereby saving space in your storage area. Raised rubber letters and logos (optional) give a three dimensional appearance for a first quality image that lasts.

Triple Bar Style

This NEW convertible flap design adapts to three popular sizes for maximum utility. Molded rubber flaps resist chipping, cracking, tearing and curling. It is formulated to withstand severe temperature changes in the most rigorous heavy duty highway conditions. Available in various sizes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation, it is constructed with Standard Duty Rain-Master backing included at no extra charge. Raised rubber letters and logos (optional) give a three dimensional appearance for a first quality image that lasts. You automatically maximize the space in your storage
area because only one size of mudflap is required. This mudflap can be easily converted to either a 24" x 27" or a 24" x 24" size. The ultimate multi-tasker!

Full Styles


This style offers more available print space in height to fit over-sized logos, allowing our customers to create a mudflap with maximum impact. Raised rubber letters and logos (optional) give a three dimensional appearance for a first quality image that lasts with the advantage of a larger logo area. Our full style is offered in three different designs.

Mudflap Base Colors

Black and white are traditionally the most popular mudflap colors however we also offer a wide variety of other base colors. Value-Guard flaps are only available in black.

Customized Flap

Personalized mudflaps are the most economical form of highly visible advertising with THOUSANDS of appearances per mile for JUST PENNIES A DAY! Branding and trademark recognition are just a few of the many advantages this feature offers along with a long lasting design. The process involves rubber colored powders cured and molded into the flap and sets a high quality standard that only American Biltrite can provide. Our customization color process is the best in the market.

Dock Bumpers

American Biltrite dock bumpers molded from high quality 75 durometer solid rubber are abrasion resistant and resilient, providing double protection for trucks, trailer bodies, and loading docks. These black dock bumpers are available in two standard sizes.

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Allow us the pleasure of helping you choose your new mudflaps.