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Educational / Institutional
Flooring solutions

Educational / Institutional

Choosing a floor for schools.

When choosing a floor for schools we at American Biltrite have done our homework!

We understand that choosing a floor for a learning environment isn’t always simple. There are a myriad of considerations….let’s explore a few:

In educational environments, particularly elementary schools, the flooring design can be used as an instructional tool. For instance, a floor design may include the letters of the alphabet, symbols or numbers. 

Floor designs can enhance wayfinding through color coding and banding. Not to mention the increasing importance of positive mental stimulation color and forms can contribute to a learning environment in a stressful world. That’s why we offer a wide array of products that include rich, vibrant colors and infinite aesthetic possibilities.

 Whether pre-school, k-12 or higher education, our product portfolio includes the right product to suit a school’s specific needs; safe, green, comfortable and stimulating options that work within all budget parameters.

Products suited for Educational environments:

All American Biltrite products are FloorScore certified and meet all of the necessary qualifications to comply with indoor air quality standards.