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Electrotile® - Solid Vinyl Tile


Electrotile® Conductive tiles (CVTs) and Static Dissipative tiles (SDTs) play an essential role in safeguarding employees, data centers and electronics manufacturers from static electricity damage.

Perfect for all healthcare, institutional and commercial environments where sensitive electronic equipment is in use.

Protecting your business and employees from electrostatic discharge (ESD) is critical. From electronics manufacturing facilities to hazardous clean room environments, Electrotile gives clients ranging from microchip manufacturers to munition facilities the reliability and safety they require, without compromising on style. 

With the increase in the construction of data centers, electronic component and lithium battery manufacturing facilities, the need for protection from static charges — and for Electrotile flooring — has never been greater. Engineered specifically to meet the strict electrical resistance performance requirements for high-tech applications, Electrotile is the ESD flooring solution that companies turn to time and time again.

For decades now, American Biltrite has provided industries with millions of square feet of Electrotile flooring to protect employees, sensitive medical equipment, data centers and hazardous clean rooms from electrostatic discharge.

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  • Meets static dissipative or conductive requirements.
  • Created in 1965; the first ESD tile with carbon black filament matrix.
  • Made in North America with the highest level of quality control.
  • Lifetime warranty on conductivity.
  • Engineered to be extremely durable.
  • Easy maintenance with only dry buffing; No waxing. Ensures the ESD properties won't be affected by maintenance.
  • Timeless Terrazzo look.
  • Comes standard in 12"x12".
  • 24" x 24" and 36" x 36" tiles on special request (minimum run of 700 square feet, unless available from inventory). 

As pioneers in electrostatic flooring, we are part of your ESD protocol team and assist in the development of your ESD program.

Once the floor is installed, an additional evaluation is done and a warranty is issued, giving facilities and their employees safety and peace of mind. No one else does it, WE DO.

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The following colors were part of Electrotile's last collection and are available with a minimum purchase quantity or according to available inventory.