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Marathon® - Rubber Flooring


Round | Natural Slate | Desert Stone | Lakeland Slate | Oasis

The Marathon® rubber flooring collection combines looks and function with no compromise. Like all truly well-designed products; it provides value over time due to its long life cycle and low maintenance requirement.

The collection comes in a large array of styles, patterns, colors, profiles and accessories to fit every design need. Discover them in the tile lines; Round, Natural Slate, Desert Stone, Lakeland Slate as well as in the sheet line; Oasis.

And looks aren't all. Marathon rubber flooring is slip resistant, and contains no PVCs. Perfectly straight edges provide for a seamless fit that won't change over time.


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  • PVC-Free with VERY LOW VOC emissions
  • Foot comfort
  • Low maintenance cost with NO WAX floor option
  • Slip resistant
  • Great sound absorption
  • FloorScore Certified for indoor air quality
  • Offered in multiple formats and gauges
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Technical documentation

Desert Stone (DSH) and Lakeland Slate (MLS) / Marathon Natural Slate (MCA) / Marathon Round (MCR)

 3 mm gauge offered in 18” x 18” (nominal) and 36” x 36” (nominal)

Desert Stone and Lakeland Slate offer a subtle blend of contrasting chips.  Natural Slate gives a slate look without the chips, and Marathon Round gives modern expression to a timeless, geometric profile.

 All deliver smoke and fire-resistant, low-noise flooring with inherent durability that provide comfort, wear resistance, and low maintenance for high traffic areas which is ideal for the institutional, healthcare and educational sectors.

Available profiles


Marathon Oasis (RRO) - 2 mm and 3 mm gauges offered in 60” x 50’ sheets

Perfect for commercial applications from education, retail to healthcare, Oasis sheet rubber is durable, slip-resistant, easy to maintain, and comes in a wide range of colors.

Resilient, safe, and stylish. Marathon Oasis distinguishes itself through its countless functional and aesthetic attributes.