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NEW: ABDEFENDER® - Rubber Flooring


Selecting ABDEFENDER® rubber floor tiles and stair treads is your first line of defense for emergency exit stairways of high buildings requiring superior fire-retardant properties and low smoke development.

ABDEFENDER® Stair Treads & Tiles are available in 6 Colors. The tiles are available in a round profile and in sizes 18"x18" or 36"x36".

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Emergency exit stairways of high buildings require rubber stair tread and flooring material to meet ASTM E84 Tunnel Test Class A and CAN/ULC-S102.2. This is in order to limit hazards to buildings and their occupants in case of a fire emergency.

Materials that meet these stringent norms are considered extremely fire resistant, to be a slower smoke and fire spread hazard, and ultimately made to protect occupants and buildings in case of emergency.

The requirements for material used for emergency and fire exits may vary from city, state, local, and federal government agencies and may require non-combustible building materials that meet ASTM E84 Class A.

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  • Increased safety due to high fire-retardant properties and low smoke development
  • Designed to meet the requirements of emergency exits, egress areas and stairways of high buildings
  • Meets ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials - Class “A” 
  • Meets CAN/ULC-S102.2 Test of Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies 
  • PVC-Free with LOW VOC emissions
  • Provides slip resistance & comfort underfoot. 
  • The system is complemented with stair treads, nose and riser in a single piece. 
  • The entire program is Declare “Red List Free”.
  • FloorScore Certified for indoor air quality
Technical documentation

ABDEFENDER® tiles comes standard in round profile (ADR) in 18''x18'' and 36''x36'' nominal sizes.

ABDEFENDER® Stair Treads comes standard with integrated risers in 48’’ and 72’’ widths. 

  • With or without visually impaired strips

PTR : Stair Tread with Riser. 

PVR : Stair Tread with Riser for Visually Impaired

These strips can be added to your stair treads for added traction or as visual aids.