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ABPure® - Rubber Flooring


New rubber flooring formulation that avoids color fading. ABPURE® is a revolutionary patented formulation with far superior colorfastness, meaning colors will not fade under light compared with traditional rubber formulas.

ABPure is the only rubber flooring product that passes the ASTM F 1515 (American Society for Testing and Materials).

ABPure now sets a new standard for color by being the first rubber flooring line to carry a 10-year colorfastness warranty.

Show your pure color.

Tested with EPA List-N Recommended Disinfectants.
Learn about rubber flooring coverings' response to disinfectants to help you make informed flooring decisions based on science.
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 Engineered to perform

  • Featuring the patented Nfuse Technology
  • 10% pre-consumer recycled content.
  • PVC/Chlorine Free and FloorScore® certified for indoor air quality.
  • Superior comfort underfoot.
  • Custom logo and floor design capabilities.
  • Easy to install due to the high flexibility of the product: will not whiten, crack or break.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Low life cycle cost.

 Custom color program available upon request. Minimum order required.

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Technical documentation

Hammered (ABM)3 mm available in 17 13/16” x 17 13/16” or 35 11/16” x 35 11/16” 

Round (ABR): 3 mm available in 17 11/16” x 17 11/16 or 35 ½” x 35 ½”

Imagine®™ (ABT): 2 or 3 mm available in 17 11/16" x 17 11/16" or 35 ½ " x 35 ½" 

AB Pure - Imagine (ABS) - 2 or 3 mm available in 60” x 50’ sheets