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US Patent for Nfuse Rubber Flooring Technology

Thursday, October 28 - 2021

American Biltrite was granted a patent for its Nfuse® rubber flooring technology

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada – American Biltrite has announced that it was granted a US patent for its Nfuse process used on ABPURE® rubber flooring that provides superior durability and ease of maintenance as well as making it an occupancy-ready flooring.

The Nfuse product treatment technology is unique in that it doesn’t just coat the product but impregnates and seals the rubber flooring. It gives ABPURE rubber flooring extended wear life and superior resistance to rolling loads, resulting in an easy to maintain, occupancy-ready flooring that doesn’t require initial set-up, stripping, sealing or waxing after installation and beyond.

“This granted patent for the NFuse process is yet another testament to the commitment of American Biltrite to develop best-in-class innovative solutions that address our customers’ challenges,” said Roger Marcus, CEO of American Biltrite Inc. “ABPURE Nfuse is the result of years of continuous research and development, combining the latest technology with over 100 years of experience in rubber chemistry.”
ABPURE Nfuse: It’s PURE science.

In addition to being the only rubber flooring on the market with a 10-year colorfastness warranty, ABPURE Nfuse features pure colors, such as pure white, beiges and blues, that won’t yellow over time. Certified Declare and Red List Free, ABPURE Nfuse has also proved to be easy to clean and disinfect. Recent in-house laboratory tests based on the ASTM F925 testing method demonstrated that ABPURE NFuse provides superior stain, color and tarnish resistance after repeated disinfection using EPA List N disinfectants effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

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