Vancouver Chromazone Colour Forecasting Workshop - May 3, 2019

Wednesday, March 6 - 2019

Colour Connects Us!
Centura and American Biltrite invite you to the first CMG ChromaZone Workshop in Vancouver!
May 3, 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Each ChromaZone® Workshop is a collaboration of minds; a joint effort to understand and interpret what is happening in the world around us and how this will influence color. Participants identify 16 colors, along with the influences and inspirations that define them, that they believe will trend in 2021.

Workshop includes:
• Presentation of 2020 Color Forecast by CMG Forecasting Commitee member
• Morning coffee and pastries
• Energizing lunch buffet
• All participants will receive the color forecast from the ChromaZone® in digital format.

This event is sponsored by Centura and American Biltrite.

Register online

Location: Centura Tile - 4616 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5K 1K5

For more information please contact: Lora Di Fabio at [email protected]

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