American Biltrite Reaches Another Milestone with Product Transparency

Monday, July 29 - 2019

American Biltrite is proud to become a member of the Mindful Materials library for product transparency.

Mindful Materials is a library in which manufacturers can showcase product transparency and allows design teams to search for a multitude of products that meet various transparency and sustainability attributes that are categorized by the following:

  • Material Ingredients
  • Environmental Profile
  • VOC’s
  • Material Sourcing
  • Social Responsibility
  • Other Transparency Information

By means of a Mindful Materials label which highlights the transparency of the products, A&D firms can easily identify these materials within their libraries, thereby simplifying the selection process and saving time and cost. American Biltrite has been approved and registered in the Mindful Materials Library for the following product lines:

  • ABPure - rubber sheet, tile & stair treads
  • Marathon - rubber sheet, tile & stair treads
  • Texas Granite – solid vinyl tile
  • Electrotile – conductive & static dissipative tile lines
  • Mirra, Sonata & TecCare – LVT lines

Please feel free to contact the distributor in your area to obtain labels that are to be added to the American Biltrite architect folders for the above products.

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