American Biltrite (Canada) Ltd. is a company based in Sherbrooke since 1913, whose mission is to serve a global customer base in the resilient flooring, industrial rubber, mudflap and footwear markets.

Its strategy is to offer a range of specialized products in the markets it serves and develop new products to meet specific customer needs.

Based on the company’s strategic direction, management is committed to maintaining an integrated management system which will:

  • Provide a framework for the establishment of quality and environmental objectives;
  • Meet all compliance obligations;
  • Act in ways that promote environmental protection;
  • Develop new environmentally friendly products;
  • Continually improve its integrated management system and its performance.

Our policy is in line with the goal and company context and supports its strategic direction.

Jean-Pierre Benoit
Vice President & General Manager



American Biltrite chooses recyclable or recoverable packaging whenever possible. In most areas, materials such as cardboard, plastic, and wood can easily be recycled, recovered or reused. We recommend that you implement the same recycling initiatives and take advantage of the available facilities in your region.

When it comes time to dispose of our products as they reach the end of their life cycle, it is also possible for you to reduce the environmental footprint since they can be recycled. We invite you to search local recycling outlets. If it is impossible for you to recycle, note that our products are not usually considered as hazardous materials and can be used as landfill. However, it is important to refer to your local regulations to ensure that they comply with the requirements that apply to your area.