Company profile

American Biltrite manufactures and distributes commercial flooring and industrial rubber throughout America. Our flooring segment primarily serves architect designers in the healthcare, educational and institutional sectors, while in industrial rubber we supply other companies with the materials they need for a host of applications. Between the two there is excellent synergy in R&D, technical expertise and product innovation, with an extensive network of distribution centers in nearly every region of the continent.

Through nearly a hundred years of careful growth, American Biltrite has built a reputation for the quality of its products and the sincerity of its commitment to customer service. With ISO 9001 since 1996 and ISO 14001 since 2011, FloorScore certification and products which help meet the LEED requirements, today American Biltrite continues to strive to improve its processes and the products our customers need.


We take ownership of our customers’ challenges to craft cutting-edge rubber and flooring solutions. Every day!


Recognized for people and technology working together to improve the customer experience and our work environment, for another 100 years.


1. Nothing is more valuable than the health and safety of our employees and partners.

Caring about everyone's well-being, always adopting safe behaviors, and speaking out to identify and manage risks.

2.Our pride flows from our quest for excellence.

Maintaining high standards, adopting a learning mindset to continuously improve, and being willing to invest to create products that we are proud of.

3. Our family spirit creates the conditions for belonging and surpassing ourselves.

Always showing respect, ensuring that we all share a common view, saying it like it is, and challenging each other while having fun.

4. We can only aspire to excellence by working as a team.

Developing opportunities together, end-to-end, considering the diversity of viewpoints across the organization.

5. The pace of change in our environment requires a great capacity for adaptation.

Being prepared to pilot and embrace new ways of doing things, taking calculated business risks, and adapting proactively without losing sight of overall direction.

6. A systematic approach is essential to maximize the impact of our efforts and resources.

Having the discipline to set priorities upfront, to keep our commitments and to respect our processes and procedures in order to stay the course despite all the background noise.