Footwear Components


Men's Half Heels
A selection of half heels, both washerless and washer types, for casual and dress shoe applications.

Men's Whole Heels
A dress shoe heel featuring the famous Cat's Paw brand, in a broad range of sizes.

Specialty Heels
Includes the popular Biltrite branded neoprene cowboy heel; an economical men's lift, and a high quality lug heel for hiker footwear.

Industrial and Oil Resistant Whole Heels
Top quality heels for industrial footwear. Recommended for applications requiring high abrasion resistance, chemical resistant properties and oil resistance.

Men's Half Soles
A moderately priced protective half sole, a dress shoe half sole and an oil resistant half sole. All suitable for quick repairs.

Men's Full Soles
A large selection of high quality men's full soles for casual, dress, and industrial requirements.

Composition Soling
Soling sheets that provide the flexibility and durability necessary for the production and repair of quality footwear with leather and other soling materials.

Protective Soling
Fine gauge soling sheets that meet or surpass the high abrasion levels designed to protect leather and other soling materials, including dance soles, from wear.

Rubber Soling
A selection of light gravity rubber stock soling sheets engineered to perform in winter conditions.

Resilient Toplifting
Toplifting sheets that furnish moderate to excellent wear performance, providing the resilience necessary for a comfortable walk.

Crepe Soling
Rubber expanded open cell foam soling sheets used for casual and orthopaedic applications. High abrasion resistance makes this a superb outsoling. Excellent for elevations requiring stability.

A broad selection of top quality adhesives. From all-purpose cements and cleaners, to vinyl cements and thinners, prevalent within the manufacturing, shoe service, and orthopaedic sectors.

Special Items
Empty adhesive containers and caps. Useful for splitting bulk quantities into smaller allotments. A Primer to prepare materials for bonding with vinyl adhesive.

Repair Tags
Tags with large, legible numbers to label items for easy retrieval. Plastic shoe and boot bags for customers' convenience.