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TecCare Planks

A unique floating floor like no other

TecCare is a self-contained floating floor system in one carton

TecCare's unique and innovative technology, combining a recycled underlayment and "peel and stick" planks, makes it perfect for multi-unit developments, retail spaces, renovation projects, seniors' residences, educational and institutional applications. The TecCare system provides speed and ease of installation, natural beauty, and durability.


    • Resists scratching and abrasion 
    • Easy installation, underlayment included
    • 100% factory applied adhesive coverage on 6" x 36" vinyl planks (no off-gassing)
    • Efficiently reduces noise 
    • Its 2500 psi rating means better resistance to indentation
    • Easy to replace if necessary

Click here for TecCare Installation Video